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Alliance plan

We are Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Manufacturer, with 300 sales per day in amazon, but we want to develop our own brand website. We are looking for a suitable affiliate website. If your website is related to our products, there are a large number of fans or subscribers. Welcome to join our affiliate program.

We can provide a poster that meets the requirements of the affiliate website.
We can guarantee:
1. 10% commission / per order, order quantity <100
2. 15% commission / per order, 100 <= order quantity <300
3. 20% commission / per order, order quantity >=300

Note: The order quantity is calculated on a monthly basis. If there are 150 orders, 150 orders sales *15% = your reward. The settlement time is the last day of the month.

If you don't accept the sales commission and want to charge the monthly display fee, that's fine. Please provide monthly traffic to your website, and your charges to email us:

Welcome to the Nicefeel® Alliance Program for a generous income.