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New Water Flosser in 2021

July 03, 2019

After seeing numerous blogs about the best water flosser in 2021, I found that these articles are no different. These 2021 best water flosser and 2020 best water flosser are almost the same product, but I have been too tired of these products.

Below, I will list several real 2021 latest water flosser, hope It is helpful for you. 

1. Portable water flosser- FC2550

The portable water flosser is the smallest water flosser in the industry, with a 150ml water tank capacity, and the nozzles can be telescopically hidden inside the fuselage, saving space once again. It is also not easy to break, can be placed in a pocket and carried in a carry-on bag.

Due to the water flosser with only 150 ml of water capacity, water may be added repeatedly for each use. The water flosser is portable and can be cleaned at any time after each meal. For oral cleansing people, it is really convenient.

2. Cordless water flosser- Green

This green water flosser is based on the classic water flosser.  300ml water capacity, fast charging, 15 days of use, 3 speeds of water, the same portable, these stable energy, the green cool color gives a comfortable feeling in the hot summer.

It’s time to change the water flosser in a new color. Come and experience it.

3. Countertop water flosser

This Countertop water flosser, when I saw the product itself, was attracted, and its design looks really beautiful. It is better and smaller than the picture above.

500ml Countertop water flosser, 360-degree rotating head, equipped with 7 different function nozzles, suitable for solving various problems of the mouth. The Countertop water flosser is also free to assemble and disassemble for perfect storage.

Countertop water flosser is the best choice if it is used at home.

4. Water flosser plus

This advanced water flosser plus has 1400-1800 beats per minute of pulse, 4 hours of fast charging, ipx7 waterproof, and a professional smart battery display.

How much power is left, how much the battery will display, and instantly remind you that the battery is low? This is why I like this.

5. Travel water flosser 

This travel water flosser is new this year, earlier than the green water flosser, with a contrast design, a black body and a blue water tank, an unforgettable color, which is probably the origin of the travel water flosser. It’s not so easy to leave in the hotel when you are in other places.

The above is the new style that I introduced to everyone, all new water flosser in 2021, please contact me if you have any omissions.

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