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Oral problems caused by tooth cleaning

August 21, 2019

There's a dirty little secret in oral, care just brushing alone is not enough. if you just brush and don't floss you could have plaque buildup gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath, but string flossing is a hassle and can be uncomfortable, water flosser let you easy to use.

Now you can deeply clean your teeth by water flosser.

In a recent clinical study, Nicefeel water flosserwhile the built-in 1800 times/minute high-pressure water flosser pulses were shown to be twice as effective as regular brushing and flossing for removing plaque and improving gum health the effectively cleans the surfaces of your teeth.

Water flosser pulses cleaning in between teeth and below the gum line, deeply clean to plaque and debris in those hard-to-reach areas that traditional brushing. Water flosser it's so easy to use just fill the reservoir with water apply. button to start to flush the mouth.

300ml Nicefeel water flosser is enough to clean up the interdental space and mouth for up to 2 minutes. Use toothbrush and water floss every day to care for oral care. the routine has never been more convenient.

Come and use it, let the white teeth shine your smile. When you buy Nicefeel water flosser, Use the code: Smile20%off at checkout. Code is valid until 31/8/2019.

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