Nicefeel FC1596 White Portable Water Flosser Cordless Dental Cleaner I

Nicefeel FC1596 White Portable Water Flosser Cordless Dental Cleaner Irrigator


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Nicefeel is a company that has been producing water flossers and nasal irrigators for several decades, products are sold worldwide, including in Europe and America. Water flossers are devices that use a stream of water to clean between teeth and along the gumline, while nasal irrigators are devices that use a saline solution to clean the nasal passages. Nicefeel's products are designed to help promote oral and nasal health.

Product description

More Optional Modes and Greater Pressure Range
Nicefeel FC1596 water flosser now has a pressure range of 10 to 125 psi and is available in 6 gears (modes 1-4, pulse mode and DIY mode). The new DIY mode can choose one of the 8 gear positions from low to high, with the memory function to meet the needs of each user.
New Practical Concept Design
The LCD screen allows users to soo clearly and intuitively even if so many gears need to be displayed. The gravity ball design breaks the tradition that it is not easy to clean the inside of the teeth with portable water flosser. Due to gravity ball, the suction pipe can pump water of the bottom of the water tank.
High Capacity Battery, Smart Timer and Memory Function
1400mAh Lithium battery, 30 days on a full charge.(2 minutes twice a day) Charging with USB interface, can be suitable for various occasions, such as car charger, power bank, computer. 2 minutes timing function and memory function, more suitable for users to use.
Large Water Tank and IPX7 Waterproof
300 ml large water tank makes you refuse the trouble of repeatedly adding water. IPX7 waterproof, not afraid of any wet environment.

Product details

Working Modes 1-4 modes, PULSE mode and DIY mode
Water Tank 300ml
Pressure Range 10-110psi
Waterproof grade IPX7 grade
Battery capacity 1400mAh