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Nicefeeel FC5091 Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser Oral Irrigator


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Nicefeel is a company that has been producing water flossers and nasal irrigators for several decades, products are sold worldwide, including in Europe and America. Water flossers are devices that use a stream of water to clean between teeth and along the gumline, while nasal irrigators are devices that use a saline solution to clean the nasal passages. Nicefeel's products are designed to help promote oral and nasal health.


【Deep Teeth Cleaning】High-Frequency Pulse Water Floss with 360° Rotating Nozzle for Comprehensive Oral Care - Removes Food Residues, Ideal for Periodontitis and Braces - Promotes Healthy Gums

【3 Cleaning Modes】Nicefeel Oral Irrigator Offers Standard, Soft, and Pulse Modes. Standard Mode: For Daily Cleaning, Fresh Breath; Soft Mode: Gentle and Comfortable, Ideal for Sensitive Gums; Pulse Mode: Removes Stubborn Stains, Massages Gums. Choose the Mode That Suits You Best - Flexible or Intense, Suitable for a Wide Range of Users.

【300ml Large Water Tank Capacity】The spacious 300ml water tank is perfect for thorough and uninterrupted oral cleaning. No need to constantly refill water, as a single fill is enough to meet your teeth flushing needs.

【2-Minute Auto Memory Power Off】 The dental oral irrigator features a built-in 2-minute auto memory power off function, ensuring that the device automatically shuts down after 2 minutes of operation. This not only prevents users from forgetting to turn off the machine but also enhances safety and prolongs the lifespan of the water flosser.

【Compact and Travel-Friendly Packaging】The packaging includes 4 nozzles and a charging cable, making it convenient for travel. With a Type-C charging port, it's easy to charge the device. The 2000mAh lithium battery provides exceptional power storage, allowing the fully charged travel water flosser to last for up to 30 days. Whether you need a standard cleaning or a gentle gum massage, this portable oral irrigator is suitable for both home and office travel.


Mode Number FC5091
Working Modes normal, soft, pulse
Water Tank 300ml
Pressure Range 20-115psi
Waterproof grade IPX7 grade
Power Rating 5-8 W
Battery 2000mAh Lithium battery